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A Small Dog’s Prayer (Excerpt from “Puppy Love” and Free Chapbook)

A Small Dog’s Prayer
By Susan Marie Molloy

I lay here in the new-turned soil;
Its coolness brings me big happy joy.
I am grateful to Papa, he did toil;
These benefits I so enjoy.

I slowly close my dark brown eyes;
The sun and its rays are oh! so bright.
I turn my nose, up towards the skies;
The air! The scents! All do excite!

I watch Mama ever so much;
She always makes such good-tasting things.
I sit and wait for her soft touch;
I don’t pull on her apron strings!

I have such tiny, little legs;
My tail is long, a feathery touch.
My mood is like a powder keg,
When Toby tries to ride the clutch.

Thank you, God, for all that I have;
My family is good, I love them so.
To be an orphan was no salve;
To give love all is what I owe.

This short poem is in my chapbook, “Puppy Love: A Praise of Dogs in Poetry and Illustrations” and is now available for FREE February 22-24, 2018 on Amazon Kindle. Click HERE to pick up your free copy.

And, yes, the illustration here is one of my dogs, Trixie.

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Apple Dumplings (The Austrian Dish reblog)

Oh, these look so good!  Karin shows how easy these are to make:

I was a bit busy the last days, and I only had time to prepare a quick, but nevertheless very tasty dish: apple dumplings. This is a basic recipe, the simplest way to prepare these sweet and fruity dumplings. If you have more time you could coat them in quark dough or potato dough and/or […]

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Creature from Cleveland Depths”

Last week I read a novelette written in 1962 by Fritz Leiber called, “The Creature from Cleveland Depths,” and not only did I learn a lot from this story, but also about its author.

Fritz Leiber (1910-92) coined the term “sword and sorcery” fantasy stories, and he is regarded as one of the fathers of that genre. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Fritz Leiber, Sr. (also born in Chicago, 1882-1949) was a Shakespearean actor and played in a few movies. In fact, he was in “Samson and Delilah” (1949) which I watched and reviewed on my recent blog, “At the Movies: ‘Samson’”.

Returning to Fritz, Jr. — He wrote a lot of science fiction and the sword-and-sorcery type of short stories and books. Lately, I read quite a few of his works, and when I read “The Creature from Cleveland Depths,” I was surprised at how modern it is, even though it was written 56 years ago.

Here, in a world where people live underground, we get a glimpse into our future, which is now our present: social media, smartphones, drones, and a crazy invention called the “Tickler”, which everyone wears on his shoulder. It speaks through an earpiece. It sends a little tickle through one’s body as it indoctrinates positive thinking, injects drugs, makes decisions for people, reminds people to do certain things, et cetera. Over a short period of time, people become mindless zombies/robot-like beings.

I got a kick out of the scene where individual-servings of martinis in carboard boxes (much like single servings of wine and cocktails in glass bottles we see on today’s store shelves) are offered. Moreover, the mindless fads in this story mimics today’s fads, including one where boys and girls both wear full face makeup, much to the chagrin of the police.

This is a good, fascinating, and quick-reading story that you can pick up for nothing on Amazon Kindle. It was one of the best stories I read last week, and a little creepier that any of the Dick Tracy comics I used to read when I was a kid. But then, that two-way wrist radio Tracy wore—

Yesterday’s fiction is today’s truth.

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I’m a Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch

My mom used to sing this little song to us kids when we were little “I’m a Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch”. The song came out in 1946 by Johnny Kimano, Billy Faber, and Maurie Hartmann. You can listen to a version HERE by Arthur Godfrey.

I thought of this song the other day when my beau and I took a walk around a nearby town, and we saw pots of petunias peppered around. As winter works toward its end and spring gets ready, here are a few pots of petunias getting a jump start on springtime:
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Morning Meditation: Sunday’s Winter Rose

A red camellia blooms in winter.  Take heart.  Spring is near.