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Spaghetti Forks (“In Diane’s Kitchen” blog repost)

Did you know there are such things as spaghetti forks?  I didn’t, until now:

Have you ever seen or used a Spaghetti Fork? Did you even know they existed? I received my forks as a gift many years ago and they are amazing! They grip all types of pasta and they work well for adults, kids or even people who have problems with their hands. A set of eight […]

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Spring Is Kicking In

Spring seems to have finally settled in here. Over the last couple of weeks, my beau and I were busy in our gardens planting in pots and adding bird baths and statuary. A few of our trees have solar lights, and they look good when twilight hits.

Here are a few pictures of the flowers in pots – the reputed “riots of colors.” Though purple-ish hues are my favorites, this season I decided upon a mix of colors instead of the monochrome look.

The tomato plant is doing well, too. First crop should be ready within the month, I’d say.

Happy Monday, Happy Spring!

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Whoa, Baby! and a Word of Thanks

To begin, thank you to all of you who picked up a copy of my latest novelette, “The Stars Do Not Judge,” which was released on April 10, 2018. I ran the sales report on it, and the amount of free copies and purchased ones is off the charts! Thank you so very much! The paperback version is now out, too, so you can order a copy now, if you’d like.  A review on Goodreads or/and Amazon would be nice, but not obligatory.

This weekend, we had a visitor.

It looks like a young egret. It stayed for a few minutes and took off towards the nature preserve near my cottage. This is the best picture I could take, but I did enhance it a bit for you to see.  Its standing on the wall between the two metal peacocks:

Cool, eh?

Happy Monday!

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Morning Meditation: White Egret on Shore Leave

While on one of my walks, I spotted a white egret standing on the lake’s shore:


The Nose Knows, and So Do I

A couple of Fridays ago, my beau and I went out to eat after the show. There was only one place nearby that had fish on its menu, and that’s where we went.

Quiet conversation, the lake breeze, and the seagulls gliding across the pier made for a pleasant lunch.

Until I saw it.

A little girl, about five- or six-years-old, took the salt and pepper shakers at her table and put them on her nostrils. Then she licked them. And then back on her nose. Mama and Grandmama were oblivious as they seemed to be engrossed in conversation.

Little Girl taps Grandmama on the shoulder, shows her how cute she is putting the salt shaker on her nostrils.

Grandmama smiles. Grandmama takes the shaker and puts it on her nostrils.

Mama smiles.

How utterly adorable! It’s heartwarming to see such familial bonding.

Well, isn’t it no wonder that people get sick and wonder how they caught that cold, flu, pneumonia?

I was repulsed. And I resolve to bring my own pepper shaker with me when I go out to eat from now on. A pack of Handi Wipes® are in order, too, to wipe down any container I might use at my restaurant table.

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