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I’m Bleh – How are You Doing?

Since this past Sunday, life here in the oasis has been so-so. Both my beau and I have been fighting something – achiness, tiredness, fever, and a little hint of a flu, cold, or something wanting to bombard us.

Although I have been able to post my blogs for the week, Yours Truly has been slow on responding to your comments. Sorry about that.

Resting, napping, and gentle reading has been the order of the week for me. As much as you wash your hands when you come home from being out in public, you still can catch something no matter how formidable your defenses are. I’m guessing we caught and are fighting this “thing” since last Friday when we went to the show to see “Winchester.” At the side counter where we grabbed some napkins and a little butter for our popcorn, we were blessed with a rousing cough cough hack wheeze from another patron there. Ugh.

As I’ve been slowly recuperating, this morning my thoughts have been going through the boxes of my family’s photographs and memorabilia. Next week I’ll be sharing some of the most interesting and unusual things with you, and hope that you’ll find them interesting, too.

In the meantime, I hope you are all well and that no one is so generous as to pass along a virus to you that you don’t want.

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Back in Time: Palermo, Sicily Between the Wars

This is a little souvenir book of thirty black and white photographs of Palermo, Sicily. You can open it up, and it’s eight feet of a souvenir wonderland.

On the reverse of each photograph, there is a description written in Italian, French, English, and German. There’s even a little city map on the back page, just in case you need to find the theater or nearest church.

I found this little gem at an estate sale recently. It was crammed under a stack of larger books. What a surprise! Though each picture is striking in black and white, it would have been fun to see them in glorious full color, too.

It isn’t dated or copyrighted, so my best guess this is circa 1929, based on similar Sicilian and Italian memento books I was lucky enough to find in my research. If you look at the cars and the clothing here, particularly the ladies’ clothing, it does make that timeframe feasible.

Life appears busy, yet peaceful, with the daily grind looking so pretty and nostalgic, though by this time Benito Mussolini was in power and already successfully limited personal liberties. The War was still about ten years out.

The back of the book features a nifty scene of a family in their fancy donkey cart.

One thing that surprised me the most are the cacti in Sicily; I never knew!

I am excited to share this with you; it’s something that I don’t think everyone finds every day. I am offering it for sale via my Etsy shop, so please take a look if you are interested by CLICKING HERE.  There you can see the front cover and more information.

There are so many unique and curious things I find in my adventures, and I’m glad to share them with you—

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.