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A Small Dog’s Prayer (Excerpt from “Puppy Love” and Free Chapbook)

A Small Dog’s Prayer
By Susan Marie Molloy

I lay here in the new-turned soil;
Its coolness brings me big happy joy.
I am grateful to Papa, he did toil;
These benefits I so enjoy.

I slowly close my dark brown eyes;
The sun and its rays are oh! so bright.
I turn my nose, up towards the skies;
The air! The scents! All do excite!

I watch Mama ever so much;
She always makes such good-tasting things.
I sit and wait for her soft touch;
I don’t pull on her apron strings!

I have such tiny, little legs;
My tail is long, a feathery touch.
My mood is like a powder keg,
When Toby tries to ride the clutch.

Thank you, God, for all that I have;
My family is good, I love them so.
To be an orphan was no salve;
To give love all is what I owe.

This short poem is in my chapbook, “Puppy Love: A Praise of Dogs in Poetry and Illustrations” and is now available for FREE February 22-24, 2018 on Amazon Kindle. Click HERE to pick up your free copy.

And, yes, the illustration here is one of my dogs, Trixie.

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.




Adam and Eve on Raft (Excerpt from “Grapes Suzette”and Free Chapbook)

Pink Rose Sketch 2

Following is an acrostic poem, which means that each line starts with each letter in the title, in order.  This type of poem doesn’t have to rhyme.

Adam and Eve on a Raft” is diner slang for two poached eggs on toast. It’s a light fare, and temptingly delicious!

Adam and Eve on a Raft

All I want is to break my fast, and
Doughnuts won’t do.
All I want is eggs on plain toast, you see.
Muffins in the English style
Are for another day, as are
No waffles, no ‘cakes, no popovers.
Dry, plain toast cradling two
Eggs, poached, are the
Vittles to my liking, so
Eggs is what I’ll get
On a white china plate.
No sausage, no ham
And no links or bacon. hence
Raisin toast will rule another day.
All I want is breakfast, so to
French toast I say “Non!” but rather, “Yes!” to plain
Toast that makes the raft for Adam and Eve.

This, and more of my tasty poems, are available in my poetry chapbook, “Grapes Suzette: And Other Poetic Epicurean Delights” through Amazon Kindle. You can pick it up for FREE February 15 and 16, 2018.

Bon Appétit!

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.


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January Rain

Drops steadily fall—
A soothing rhythm: plop, plunk.
Soon will stir new life.*

•  The chilly cold snap finally packed its bags and left our area. We lost a few plants, and that’s disappointing, but they can easily be replaced.

Yesterday, we finally got some much-needed rain (It’s always something we need, isn’t it?). My beau and I were at Mass when it started, and it was still raining when we left church. I forgot the umbrellas in the car, but walking in the drops and inhaling its clean, earthy freshness made me remember how cleansing rain is, both for Nature and for Self.

The rain didn’t seem to bother the dogs, either, when we let them out at home. They seemed to enjoy a few extra minutes letting the rain dance on their backs before they came back in.

It looks like more of the same today – rain, rain. But, don’t go away, Rain. You provide a nice musical backdrop to my morning newspaper-reading before my workday begins—

“Rain on the Patio”
                      Original photograph by Susan Marie Molloy

*  “January Rain” – original haiku by Susan Marie Molloy

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.


“God of the Sea” (Excerpt from “God of the Sea: Poetry by the Gulf of Mexico” and Free Chapbook)

A pictorial poem today; for your reading enjoyment.  It’s an excerpt from my poetry chapbook (free until January 31st), God of the Sea: Poetry by the Gulf of Mexico.  Happy Saturday; enjoy!

My chapbook is available on FREE Amazon until January 31, 2018:  Pick it up here:  God of the Sea:  Poetry by the Gulf of Mexico.


Chili con Carne, Life in the Oasis, and Writing

A little bit about me, my blog, and outlook on life:

You, probably like me, have been hearing ad infinitum how blasted cold it’s been lately. And if you live in that cold weather, I feel for you. I grew up in Chicago, where wintry winds off the lake fuel the bitterly cold air temperatures. Oh, yeah, and then there was the short time when I lived about 50 miles from the Manitoba, Canada border, where it seemed winter lasts 48 weeks out of the year. So, I know cold.

It’s been cool here, too, in Florida. The air temperature actually got into the 20s*F the past couple nights. Who would’ve thought? Well, so much for escaping the Midwest’s cold winters! To warm us up, I made a large pot of homemade chili con carne, and used chunks of beef instead of ground beef, for a change of dining pace.

As we were eating, I was thinking about when I started blogging, which was about 6 years ago. How it started was when my beau suggested it. His own blogging began when he retired from his long public service career and became a real estate broker, which led to him moving into the property management business, which, after that flamed out (rather, he burned out), led him to writing about beading art and wire work. Now, his occasional blog explores and comments upon the twisted side of life in It’s a Twisted Life According to Gene.

Which brings me back to my blog. I went from one leitmotif to another, and I didn’t seem to find my comfort level. Right now, if you flip through my blog, you will only find blogs as early as 2014, and those are just book reviews. Unfortunately, I wiped out a lot of articles I wrote because, in a fit of non-confidence one day, I got rid of blogs I thought were goofy. Or stupid. Or boring.

How silly.

Yes, it took me awhile, but I found what’s comfortable for me. My blog is subtitled, “Life in the Oasis”. What it means is, that my life – my world – is rich, lush, productive, and a sanctuary, while the world outside might be a foreboding wasteland at times. Moreover, my beau – my husband – is my own oasis, where he is, and always was, the one person I could always find refuge in, comfort, and happiness when the world outside was demanding, cruel, and inhospitable.

So – life in the oasis is a place – tangible and intangible – where harmony, fertility, cheerfulness, and optimistic thinking reign.

My blog focuses on the positive aspects of life, and the things I like. I write about my mundane daily life, movie and book reviews, how my beau and I keep love flaming hot, my discoveries and adventures, our travels, tips on homemaking, and other whacky subjects. I share my poems and photographs and share your blogs that grab me. And there are a variety of topics that can’t be particularly categorized, but they make it to this blog.

Since I left my glamorous 9 to 5 job (sarcasm) this past summer, I’m working at home now doing things I love (writing, reading, creating art, homemaking, travelling, being a wife, waiting on His Lordship and Her Ladyship – our two dogs, Toby and Trixie).  My blog has gently become an oasis where I hope you will find a few minutes to stop by and discover pacific, nurturing, and hilarious topics that somehow enrich your life, as your blogs do for me.

Welcome to Life in the Oasis.
Thank you for stopping by.
Sharing is cool.
Your logical, well-thought out comments here are what I live for.

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.