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“Pretense” by Pearl S. Buck

“Group of Figures. Porcelain. K’ang-hsi Period (1622-1722).” Photograph from ‘Words of Love’ by Pearl S. Buck.”

The American writer, Pearl S. Buck, is less known for her poetry than her epic Far Eastern novels. I am lucky to have found a small collection of her poems, “Words of Love” published in 1974.

These are basic, simple verses about love found and lost, and about life in general. There is nothing complex her poetry about the complexities of love and life.




In this collection, “Pretense” is my favorite.

“I put away the words of love.

You do not need them anymore.

And now I will pretend to be

Exactly as I was before.

Pretending, I will laugh and sing

Until night falls. Then to my shell

I’ll creep and hide myself away,

Pretending heaven in my hell.”

I wanted to share this poem because I think of its quiet and powerful illustration of love lost and the resulting emptiness and absence of light.

April is Poetry Month.

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