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I’m Bleh – How are You Doing?

Since this past Sunday, life here in the oasis has been so-so. Both my beau and I have been fighting something – achiness, tiredness, fever, and a little hint of a flu, cold, or something wanting to bombard us.

Although I have been able to post my blogs for the week, Yours Truly has been slow on responding to your comments. Sorry about that.

Resting, napping, and gentle reading has been the order of the week for me. As much as you wash your hands when you come home from being out in public, you still can catch something no matter how formidable your defenses are. I’m guessing we caught and are fighting this “thing” since last Friday when we went to the show to see “Winchester.” At the side counter where we grabbed some napkins and a little butter for our popcorn, we were blessed with a rousing cough cough hack wheeze from another patron there. Ugh.

As I’ve been slowly recuperating, this morning my thoughts have been going through the boxes of my family’s photographs and memorabilia. Next week I’ll be sharing some of the most interesting and unusual things with you, and hope that you’ll find them interesting, too.

In the meantime, I hope you are all well and that no one is so generous as to pass along a virus to you that you don’t want.

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Back in Time: Comfort During The War, with a Surprise

Here’s a history lesson.

Background:  “The War” to me means World War II, since it’s the vernacular I picked up from my family who actually experienced it at home, and on two fronts. Any other war or conflict to me is called, for example, Korea, Spanish American, Viet Nam, et cetera. Today, here’s a story from The War era.

The Story:  A couple of weeks ago, at an estate sale, I picked up a very interesting item that I only heard about in legend: The G. I. (government issued) prayer book. There it was, sitting on a bedroom shelf, crammed underneath a stack of other books:
The old Army khaki green cloth cover is barely perceptible. It was difficult to get a really good color picture.

Inside, you can see the owner’s name and next of kin, who might be his wife, or maybe mother. It’s hard to say, yet with a Washington, D.C. address, I lean towards the next of kin being his wife, unless he lived with his widowed mother, let’s say, but I’m really leaning towards it was his wife:
What surprised me the most, is the who and where this New Testament was printed. Take a look at the section I circled in red:
The Lesson:  Wow. This was a big history lesson for me. I didn’t know the Government Printing Office (today known as the Government Publishing Office) printed anything of a religious nature. Wow.

So, this emphasizes that a person needs to do a lot of research, or just happen upon something to really find the truth, and not rely solely on history text books. That is one thing I did learn while working on my B.A. in history – when possible, always look for primary sources while researching.


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