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Spring Vacation – Heading to Port

We packed ourselves up and headed to the Port of New Orleans. Yes, it’s Cruise Time!

It’s a big ship:
It will take about seven or eight hours to mosey down the Mississippi River to get to the Gulf of Mexico. We say farewell to New Orleans:
Things along the way during our very slow trip down to the Mississippi’s mouth:
It got too dark to take any pictures off deck, so we walked around inside the ship before heading to sleep. The next couple of days will be mostly on-board activities. That should be interesting, but I’m excited to arrive at our next port!Time to hit the hay.  Cute how the housekeeping crew make little animals out of our towels:

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Spring Vacation – A Special Lunch

We are in New Orleans, Louisiana. Yesterday we did a lot of walking around the historic side of town, and by early afternoon, we were hungry.

We walked to The Court of the Two Sisters, which is in the French Quarter and is famous. The building itself has been around since 1832. To read more about its history and the restaurant, click HERE to their website. It’s interesting.

We walked down a large walkway toward the stately arched doors:
We passed one of the elegant dining rooms but opted to eat outside.
This wishing well has been around for years and years:
Two little birds joined us:
At the buffet, we discovered different foods. The Cajun corn salad was good.  Have you every tried it?  I also tried their turtle soup and liked it!
A jazz band played, too:
After eating, we then headed back to the little shops in the neighborhood to take in some more sights. We discovered The Old Absinthe Shoppe. The original façade is in the following top black and white picture, taken when my Ma visited New Orleans in the early 1950s. The photograph below it is how it looks today:
Our day done, we headed back to our hotel room.

I’ll be posting our adventures daily.

Tomorrow: Packing Up for Port

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Spring Vacation: Walking Around New Orleans

My beau and I are in New Orleans, Louisiana. We slept good last night in our very old, nineteenth century hotel. Since it’s not on a main street, it was quiet, even as the sun came up.  After grabbing a small breakfast, we spent the morning walking around the old part of town and taking in the history and sites.

First, was this old corner drug store. It was like it never changed from the old days, including its lunch counter:
The original tile floor was well-worn and fascinating. Can you imagine how many people over the decades walked across it?
These white curtains on a porch look inviting:
The fancy wrought iron balcony is like sweet confectionary on Esplanade Avenue:
Looking down a gangway:
Shadows of old Royal Street:
Water dishes for thirsty dogs are commonplace here:
It’s time for lunch. Stop by tomorrow to see where we dined.

I’ll be posting our adventures daily.

Tomorrow: Lunch

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Spring Vacation: Arrival

It’s good to get away from daily routines, even if it’s just doing something different and not really going anywhere. Yet, it’s still mind-clearing to get away. My beau and I are on a trip, beginning with a drive to New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ll be posting our adventures daily.

Let’s go!

Along the way, we stopped at an historical marker in eastern Louisiana. At the time (1810), this area was part of Spanish West Florida.  Isn’t this interesting? We weren’t taught about the Republic of Florida in school!

The road was long, especially as we crossed Lake Ponchartrain in Louisiana.

We’re almost to our destination! This is an interesting bridge.

New Orleans. The side streets aren’t what you would expect, don’t you think?

The doors to our very old and charming hotel.

Inside, as my beau was checking us in with the hotel clerk, I spied a lot of piano rolls atop an old player piano.

By this time, I hardly needed a lullaby to put me to sleep. It was a long ride, we were tired, and was time to grab a small supper and hit the hay.

Tomorrow: Walking Around New Orleans

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