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A Sunday Arrival

Just one of many morning arrivals into O’Hare today.


What A Difference Twenty-Four Hours Makes

Yesterday morning, around ten o’clock, the skies were serene with an almost imperceptible breeze.  

Later in the afternoon, the sky turned grey, and a passing rain shower glided by.

The skies became clear again, and the sunset was breathtaking.

Now, a day later, around ten o’clock, the rains returned.

The breeze today found its strength in the far-flung outer bands of Hurricane Irma, and it’s robust.  I can hear the wind hitting the house in unrhythmic gusts.  I just learned that Irma slammed a place called Cudjoe Key in the Florida Keys this morning.

What a difference twenty-four hours makes.

©2017 Susan Marie Molloy, and all works within.

August Dawn

My morning view.

Roman Hands, Russian Fingers

Woke up laughing this morning.

Roman hands, Russian fingers.

I’ve no idea why that was the first thing on my mind, but it was. I was dreaming about being at a conference with people who spoke with accents. Maybe the eclectic blending of foreign brogues and laughter in my dream lead to the Roman hands, Russian fingers thought.

My husband laughed, too, when I laughed. It was contagious.

He then told me, laughing even more, about the time he ordered a taco at Jack in the Box that dripped red sauce down his sleeve, and how angry he was about that.

“I liked Pepe’s much better, when it was a fast food joint, before you had a contessa at the door to seat you. The people who worked spoke broken English.

“There was a Pepe’s back in the late ‘60s, early ‘70s on Western Avenue, between Jan’s Adult Bookstore and a gypsy card reader. What a combination!”

We laughed.

Later that morning, I saw one of our local government candidates on a corner holding up his election sign and surrounded by about fifteen more staked into the ground. I waved. He waved. There’s a guy who’s working for his votes, I thought.

Maybe these stories here don’t seem to be related, but maybe in a peculiar way they do. I dreamt about people with foreign accents, I had a conversation about a Mexican restaurant, and the local candidate I saw on the corner is Chinese.

No Romans, no Russians, but funny nonetheless to me.

I laughed.

November 4, 2016.
©Susan Marie Molloy, and all works within.

A Year of Change

This morning I took a walk and enjoyed the crispy November air.  It felt fresh, and it revitalized me.   And then I thought –

November?   Already!

This past year – yet, not quite over – was a busy time for me.  Some busyness came about deliberately and some naturally evolved.  Being occupied led to simplifying life, and it remained an on-going mission, particularly since the summer.  Someone once told me, “People would be surprised at how little they actually need to live.”


Relationships are the natural ebb and flow of life.  I am always am a firm believer in that you cannot force a relationship.  If it’s meant to be, it will be, whether blood relations or not.  It all evens out the way it’s supposed to be.

I’ve gotten so disorganized in the past couple of years, and I lost my bearing.  There were some damnable problems with people that threw off my balance.  Happily, I’m righted again, finally.

More travelling happened this past year, too. It was good to get away, see different sights, and become more knowledgeable in these travels.

During much of my free time, I wrote more than ever.  I published three books of poetry this year – and if you picked up any of my four books, thank you!  Meanwhile, I’m still working on a larger book that should be ready next year.  I can only write when the spirit moves me.  All writers experience writer’s block from time to time.  It’s natural.

Yet, with all the events this year, this coming year is my “Year of Change.”

This is going to be a first-class year for me, filled with lots of changes for the good.

I’m looking forward to it and sharing it with you.  Stay tuned.

©Susan Marie Molloy, and all works within.

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