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Morning Meditation: White Egret on Shore Leave

While on one of my walks, I spotted a white egret standing on the lake’s shore:



Morning Meditation: Flight

A lone sea gull swoops in the sky during one of my afternoon walks.

Original photograph by Susan Marie Molloy


Morning Meditation: Ahoy, Matey!

I saw a crane that appeared to be crossing the lake on a small boat.

Original photograph by Susan Marie Molloy.


Morning Meditation: Sea Gulls

A small flock of sea gulls resting on a pier last Tuesday.


No Fishing

The weather is getting warmer, so it’s more conducive to soaking in a little January sun over these past few days. I took an afternoon walk earlier this week to take advantage of it. There is a lake in a neighboring town, and it was my destination.

All the birds in the county seemed to be out enjoying the sun and warmth, too. I spotted ducks, herons, cranes, and sea gulls.

Rounding the pier on my stroll, I took a picture of a sign prohibiting fishing in the lake. It wasn’t until I returned home and download my seventy or so pictures, that I saw this white sea gull by the sign:

Original photograph by Susan Marie Molloy.

I wonder if it heeded the warning.

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