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“Compliance” (Amy Rose – Petals Unfolding blog repost)

Thoughts on life–

There comes a time in life when you find yourself on a very thin ledge with seemingly nowhere to go. You look down. Nothing but a sheer drop which ends at icy cold water. Behind you bars keep you imprisoned exactly where you are. To your right is another drop-off and to your left, another […]

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“Purple Pansy” (Paul Militaru blog repost)

The beauty of a single blossom:

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“Silent Radiance” (Smell the Coffee blog repost)

Enjoy the serenity–

silence the dust of stars shining radiance ©Jane Reichhold moonlight beams with joie de vivre she reigns supreme in darkness

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“Thorns” (Cristian Mihai blog repost)

Good morning.  Here’s some food for thought.

Bad habits. Bad relationships. Jobs you hate. Addictions. Negative thinking. Procrastinating. Letting go, holding on. When to do what. Quite the dilemma. The idea that you have to suffer before you get what you want, that good things come to those who endure. At first, it seems rather difficult, no? Well, you only need a […]

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“Big Chicken and Little Chicken” (It’s a Twisted Life According to Gene blog repost)

People watching through the eyes of “It’s a Twisted Life According to Gene”–

It came to pass that the wife and I decided to meander off to McAlister’s Deli to have a little lunch. They have a mouth watering club sandwich that I was hankering for. We took a two seat table by the window so as to watch the world go by, which usually happens at a […]

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