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Date Night: Bustanoby Cocktail

Several months ago, I picked up a very vintage bartender’s guide, Trader Vic, published in 1948. You can read about it HERE.

A couple of weeks ago, my beau and I wanted to try a vintage cocktail, I was in the mood for crème de menthe, and voila! There was something called a Bustanoby Cocktail.

A little research outside the bartender’s guide revealed there was a restaurant in New York City years ago. Perhaps this cocktail originated or was named for Bustanoby’s Restaurant at 148 East 556th Street, New York City. I don’t know for sure; research revealed little to nothing, except I found one of their menus from who knows when? The drink menu page offers a Bustanoby’s Fizz, but that’s not the drink I’m sharing today. Here’s what the drink menu page from the restaurant looks like. Wow! Those prices!

Now back to the Bustanoby Cocktail. This is the recipe from the 1948 Trader Vic’s bartender guide:

And this is what it looks like in real life:

It’s an interesting cocktail. The orange juice tones down the rock ‘em sock ‘em crème de menthe; it’s barely perceptible in the background as you sip it. We like this vintage cocktail for its uncommon and subtle minty taste.

And since it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, why not try something different that the ho-hum been-there-done-that green beer?


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Strawberry Recipes

Yesterday, we were busy in the kitchen. My beau made strawberry ice cream with the fresh strawberries we bought over the weekend at the strawberry festival that you can read about HERE. I made strawberry jam. Both recipes turned out well.





The base for strawberry ice cream is vanilla ice cream. Afterwards, chopped fresh strawberries go in:
We had it for dessert after supper in these 1960s vintage dessert dishes. I added fresh sliced strawberries for that extra WOW!

Here is one of the jars of my strawberry jam. Yes, the jam is that red; NO food coloring. And the taste is out of this world!  I gave my aunt a couple jars of my strawberry jam. She said that homemade foods are the best; what we all buy in the grocery store cannot compare – not even close. And she is right.

Following are the recipes for the ice cream and jam. Enjoy!



(Note that the amounts of strawberries are under this recipe.)

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Date Night: Panther’s Breath

Sometimes my beau and I stay home for Date Night, maybe order out Chinese, pop in a DVD of an old classic move, and mix a drink.

We did this recently, and we tried an old timey drink from a 1948 Trader Vic’s Bartender Guide I picked up at an estate sale for a twenty-five cents.

As you can see, it’s simple to make, and it’s pretty:

The bitters are what you smell when you bring your nose to your glass, then as you sip on the cream to the blue curaçao, the drink becomes a blush of orange fruit-tasting goodness.

Thirty seconds later, my beau says, “Can I have another?”

Ha ha. Sure. With only a half ounce of liquor in each drink, it’s a nice after dinner drink.

Here’s to you!   Sláinte!   Na zdrowie!

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Chili con Carne, Life in the Oasis, and Writing

A little bit about me, my blog, and outlook on life:

You, probably like me, have been hearing ad infinitum how blasted cold it’s been lately. And if you live in that cold weather, I feel for you. I grew up in Chicago, where wintry winds off the lake fuel the bitterly cold air temperatures. Oh, yeah, and then there was the short time when I lived about 50 miles from the Manitoba, Canada border, where it seemed winter lasts 48 weeks out of the year. So, I know cold.

It’s been cool here, too, in Florida. The air temperature actually got into the 20s*F the past couple nights. Who would’ve thought? Well, so much for escaping the Midwest’s cold winters! To warm us up, I made a large pot of homemade chili con carne, and used chunks of beef instead of ground beef, for a change of dining pace.

As we were eating, I was thinking about when I started blogging, which was about 6 years ago. How it started was when my beau suggested it. His own blogging began when he retired from his long public service career and became a real estate broker, which led to him moving into the property management business, which, after that flamed out (rather, he burned out), led him to writing about beading art and wire work. Now, his occasional blog explores and comments upon the twisted side of life in It’s a Twisted Life According to Gene.

Which brings me back to my blog. I went from one leitmotif to another, and I didn’t seem to find my comfort level. Right now, if you flip through my blog, you will only find blogs as early as 2014, and those are just book reviews. Unfortunately, I wiped out a lot of articles I wrote because, in a fit of non-confidence one day, I got rid of blogs I thought were goofy. Or stupid. Or boring.

How silly.

Yes, it took me awhile, but I found what’s comfortable for me. My blog is subtitled, “Life in the Oasis”. What it means is, that my life – my world – is rich, lush, productive, and a sanctuary, while the world outside might be a foreboding wasteland at times. Moreover, my beau – my husband – is my own oasis, where he is, and always was, the one person I could always find refuge in, comfort, and happiness when the world outside was demanding, cruel, and inhospitable.

So – life in the oasis is a place – tangible and intangible – where harmony, fertility, cheerfulness, and optimistic thinking reign.

My blog focuses on the positive aspects of life, and the things I like. I write about my mundane daily life, movie and book reviews, how my beau and I keep love flaming hot, my discoveries and adventures, our travels, tips on homemaking, and other whacky subjects. I share my poems and photographs and share your blogs that grab me. And there are a variety of topics that can’t be particularly categorized, but they make it to this blog.

Since I left my glamorous 9 to 5 job (sarcasm) this past summer, I’m working at home now doing things I love (writing, reading, creating art, homemaking, travelling, being a wife, waiting on His Lordship and Her Ladyship – our two dogs, Toby and Trixie).  My blog has gently become an oasis where I hope you will find a few minutes to stop by and discover pacific, nurturing, and hilarious topics that somehow enrich your life, as your blogs do for me.

Welcome to Life in the Oasis.
Thank you for stopping by.
Sharing is cool.
Your logical, well-thought out comments here are what I live for.

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English, Irish, or Scottish for Breakfast?

If you drink coffee, do you ever get a little sick from drinking too much? Up to last August, we had a Keurig at home, so making one cup or two was the norm for the day. I’d have a cuppa when I got ready for work, and I usually took one to the office in my thermos. That added up to two cups per day, which agreed with me.

Then the Keurig was starting to go on the fritz, so we gave it up and replaced it with a twelve cup Mister Coffee Mega-Coffee-Making-Machine. Yessir, more space-saving than the old Keurig, but now we grind our own beans, too.  Ahhh–caffeine!

Twelve cups of high test caffeine every day: six for my beau, six for me. Now that I work at home (remember, I walked away last year from the horrible “career” I had), we drink coffee non-stop until that pot is empty, sometimes making another twelve-cup pot to nurse the rest of the day.

Then, over this past week, my beau told me he feels a little “heartburny” after drinking the java. I remarked that, come to think of it, I have a hard time falling asleep.

Maybe it’s the coffee. Or more like too much joe.

Yesterday and this morning, we skipped the coffee and had a cup of hot tea with breakfast. My beau chose oolong, and I went for the Irish Breakfast. So far, so good, we’re both feelin’ groovy and although coffee may still be in our future, but not to take center stage, tea is really where it’s at. I’ve always liked tea with a touch of honey.I found a fascinating blog this past weekend about several types of teas. I’ve had English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast, and there is – whoa, Baby!— Scottish Breakfast tea. I never heard of it, and neither did my beau – and he’s the European traveller of sorts. It sounds intriguing.  I must find it.

Following is the link to the blog,” What The Heck Is the Difference?” from Tea and Tales that speaks about those three breakfast teas. I hope you enjoy it.

via What The Heck Is The Difference?