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No Fishing

The weather is getting warmer, so it’s more conducive to soaking in a little January sun over these past few days. I took an afternoon walk earlier this week to take advantage of it. There is a lake in a neighboring town, and it was my destination.

All the birds in the county seemed to be out enjoying the sun and warmth, too. I spotted ducks, herons, cranes, and sea gulls.

Rounding the pier on my stroll, I took a picture of a sign prohibiting fishing in the lake. It wasn’t until I returned home and download my seventy or so pictures, that I saw this white sea gull by the sign:

Original photograph by Susan Marie Molloy.

I wonder if it heeded the warning.

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Pool Boy, or Old Time Photographer?

We have two dogs who love to be around people in general, and they very much like to be around us. There are times they are our tiny shadows, following us here and there at our cottage.

Last week, my beau wasn’t feeling well; he was probably fighting the onset of the flu. He soaked in a tub of hot water, closing the shower curtain to not only keep in some of the heat, but also to shield himself from one of our dogs who likes to be pesty and “peep-peep-peep” while we are trying to relax.

I heard my beau laugh for a hot second, and I continued doing whatever I was doing at the time. A couple minutes later, I walked past the bathroom, and saw this:

From my angle, he looked like he was an old-time photographer taking a picture with the cloth over his head.

Now I know why my beau was laughing.

Happy Monday, and here’s to seeing the humor in the littlest things!

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Chili con Carne, Life in the Oasis, and Writing

A little bit about me, my blog, and outlook on life:

You, probably like me, have been hearing ad infinitum how blasted cold it’s been lately. And if you live in that cold weather, I feel for you. I grew up in Chicago, where wintry winds off the lake fuel the bitterly cold air temperatures. Oh, yeah, and then there was the short time when I lived about 50 miles from the Manitoba, Canada border, where it seemed winter lasts 48 weeks out of the year. So, I know cold.

It’s been cool here, too, in Florida. The air temperature actually got into the 20s*F the past couple nights. Who would’ve thought? Well, so much for escaping the Midwest’s cold winters! To warm us up, I made a large pot of homemade chili con carne, and used chunks of beef instead of ground beef, for a change of dining pace.

As we were eating, I was thinking about when I started blogging, which was about 6 years ago. How it started was when my beau suggested it. His own blogging began when he retired from his long public service career and became a real estate broker, which led to him moving into the property management business, which, after that flamed out (rather, he burned out), led him to writing about beading art and wire work. Now, his occasional blog explores and comments upon the twisted side of life in It’s a Twisted Life According to Gene.

Which brings me back to my blog. I went from one leitmotif to another, and I didn’t seem to find my comfort level. Right now, if you flip through my blog, you will only find blogs as early as 2014, and those are just book reviews. Unfortunately, I wiped out a lot of articles I wrote because, in a fit of non-confidence one day, I got rid of blogs I thought were goofy. Or stupid. Or boring.

How silly.

Yes, it took me awhile, but I found what’s comfortable for me. My blog is subtitled, “Life in the Oasis”. What it means is, that my life – my world – is rich, lush, productive, and a sanctuary, while the world outside might be a foreboding wasteland at times. Moreover, my beau – my husband – is my own oasis, where he is, and always was, the one person I could always find refuge in, comfort, and happiness when the world outside was demanding, cruel, and inhospitable.

So – life in the oasis is a place – tangible and intangible – where harmony, fertility, cheerfulness, and optimistic thinking reign.

My blog focuses on the positive aspects of life, and the things I like. I write about my mundane daily life, movie and book reviews, how my beau and I keep love flaming hot, my discoveries and adventures, our travels, tips on homemaking, and other whacky subjects. I share my poems and photographs and share your blogs that grab me. And there are a variety of topics that can’t be particularly categorized, but they make it to this blog.

Since I left my glamorous 9 to 5 job (sarcasm) this past summer, I’m working at home now doing things I love (writing, reading, creating art, homemaking, travelling, being a wife, waiting on His Lordship and Her Ladyship – our two dogs, Toby and Trixie).  My blog has gently become an oasis where I hope you will find a few minutes to stop by and discover pacific, nurturing, and hilarious topics that somehow enrich your life, as your blogs do for me.

Welcome to Life in the Oasis.
Thank you for stopping by.
Sharing is cool.
Your logical, well-thought out comments here are what I live for.

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.


Old Stogie

Old Stogie
By Susan Marie Molloy

The Corona sits between his teeth,
Its ashes hanging together for dear life,
Grey and two inches long.

The smoke imbeds within the fibers
Of his ribbed sleeveless undershirt,
Now yellow and two sizes too small.

The basement lies damp with mildew—
And dark, save for the plastic Tiffany lamp
Hanging above his rusty desk.

The Corona sits between his teeth,
Its grey ashes collapsing on his lap,
Posting his blog, sharing his grandma’s recipes.

—From ©“Gallery Night: Stories in the Dark” by Susan Marie Molloy

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Dade Battlefield State Park: Outtakes and Updates

While on our trip to Bushnell, Florida to observe the annual Dade Battle reenactment, it wasn’t without a little humor and surprising observations.

Remember Kilt Man I wrote about in Dade Battlefield: Nature? As you might recall, as my beau and I sat at a picnic table and ate our lunch, we couldn’t help but hear a very loud talking man two tables over. He was regaling and bragging about his encounters and experiences with kilts. The woman to whom he was giving his monologue, kept giggling. My beau, on to Kilt Man’s bravado and time-worn faux tale of old ladies with umbrellas trying to seek a peek under his kilts (such an old, old joke) walked up to his table, and asked:

“I couldn’t help but hearing you, and as a proud Irishman, I’d like to ask you if you know what’s under an Irishman kilt.”

Kilt Man mumbled the time-worn, old punchline to the joke.

“No, sir, it’s the same thing, only bigger,” was my beau’s snappy comeback.

The day’s reenactment activities were all about authenticity and accuracy. I took this photograph, pleased with the setting. When I uploaded it onto my computer, I spotted the 19th century Seminole eating his lunch from a 21st century Styrofoam container:

A white horse hides behind some brush, but the Seminoles are even more hidden:

I walked over to gaze at some real coonskin caps:

I looked at a necklace made from a real racoon paw and one made from an alligator paw. I didn’t take photos of them, but they were interesting nonetheless.

Under one of the gazebos, a lady was playing a dulcimer with wooden spoons, while a man was playing a one-string washtub.

The back of this Seminole’s dress fascinated me. Then I saw his 19th century pistol:

We spoke to this Seminole, and we asked about his tartan cap. He told us that not only did the Seminole trade with the Spanish, English, and French, they also did business with the Scots-Irish: Therefore, tartans caps and other European commodities made their way to Seminole culture and fashion:

We spied this Seminole on horseback holding a rifle:

The afternoon was ending and getting chilly again. It was time to leave and return home.

Tomorrow: Going Home

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