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Writing and Environment


Writing always was an integral part of my life, both personally and professionally. The environments in which I worked best to construct essays, analyses, speeches, reports, literature, and the like were fluid.   Moreover, I enjoy writing letters to my family and friends the old-fashioned way with fountain pen and good stationery. (That’s a topic for another article.)

In grade school, I worked around the chatter of my many sibling and the and clatter of their toys. By high school, I needed the radio to be on the desk playing music. My best essays were completed to classical music.

By the time I was in the 9-to-5 grind working as an analyst, I became immune to outside noises when I wrote reports and analyses. After all, in the rare times noises became too distracting, I closed my office door to help me concentrate without the clack-clack-clack of the secretaries’ typewriters and the harsh rings of the telephones; yet my radio would be on, but this time it was the yakking of talk radio, not music.

By the time personal computers replaced typewriters and telephone bells could be lowered to barely a buzz, the silence in the office became eerie. In those sections of the building where cubicles absorbed sounds, the quietness almost hurt my ears. And I found I was becoming less reliant on the white noise of my radio. There was something to this thing called “silence.”

These days, I am more productive in the taciturnity of Nature. My work schedule allows me to work at home and to enjoy Nature as my office. At home, the sounds of rustling palm fronds, the splashing of mocking birds in the bird bath, and the buzzing of honey bees in the bottlebrush trees become the conscious and intuitive environment that help to contribute to the efficiency of my freelance editor position.

Equally as important, as a writer, I pen my stories and poetry at home. However, I find immense inspiration and productivity at a nature preserve that’s within an easy walking distance from my cottage. There, the breezes dance across my notebook, the frogs grunt and croak under the boardwalk, and cries overhead from hawks all clear my mind to put a greater focus to the words pouring forth.

It’s interesting how a person changes and how the opportunities within environments can influence one’s creativity and productivity. As a teenager, manmade sounds helped me to write. Today, I let Nature take the lead.

This week, I spent time at the nature preserve and took in the melding of the sky with the lily pads in the pond.

“Where Sky Meets Water” Original photograph copyright 2018 Susan Marie Molloy. All Rights Reserved.

It was energizing.

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.


Author: Susan Marie Molloy

Hi, and welcome to my blog. I am a published writer, poet, photographer, freelance editor, artist, and career analyst. Growing up in a bilingual family helped me foster my love of languages. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and Master of Arts in History. My short stories, poetry, and photographs have been published in the Emerald Coast Review (18th and 19th editions), newspapers, and in many other publications. I enjoy Pre-Code films, photography, music, travelling, history, reading, and living each day to the fullest in The Oasis. My publications include Engaged (an anthology of my poems), The Crowd of Turin, God of the Sea: A Short Book of Poetry by the Seashore, Grapes Suzette and Other Poetic Epicurean Delights, Gallery Night, Indigo Fantasy, The Green Gloves, Puppy Love, Supreme Theater, and others. I am currently working on an anthology of my short stories, including a roman à clef tale, and am in collaboration with another artist in writing a novel. My books are available through Amazon. Check them out. Buy them. Read them. Send me your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Writing and Environment

  1. And the journey continues……….

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  2. Such an enjoyable post.I am always fascinated and a bit jealous of authors who can write in less than “perfectly quiet” environments. I can only write when earplugs are firmly in place. Cheers!

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