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Book Review: “Come Fly with Me” by Gigi Sedlmayer


Recently, I was fortunate for having the opportunity to read a copy of Gigi Sedlmayer’s book, “Come Fly with Me.”

This tale introduces us to Matica, a little girl who lives with her missionary family in a remote mountain village in Peru. She has a growth disability that makes her stand out, and the Indians in the village shy away from her. Indeed, she is visually different from everyone else, and that worries little Matica, particularly since she thinks she will not be accepted, and she is self-conscious about this.

Matica befriends two condors that she calls Tima and Tamo, and she can communicate with them in her own way. Meanwhile, from afar, the Indians, ever curious and watchful, observe her, and before we know it, they accept Matica for who she is and not for what she looks like. Soon thereafter, when the nefarious poachers threaten to steal Tima and Tamo’s only egg, she helps to save it, and in a surprising way. When the egg hatches, Matica names the new chick Talon, and a new adventure begins.

I enjoyed this motivating and provoking story because it is very well-written and sends good, wholesome, and inspirational lessons to readers, that is, one should never judge by looks alone, for inside might be the most beautiful soul one will ever meet. In addition, there is the message that we humans are ultimately the caretakers of animals, and how we take care of them or not, is invaluable to the overall world, in all ways possible.

This is a wonderful book that is appropriate for young readers, too; there is no vulgar language (a rarity these days in newer-written books). This story is an inspirational one and is truly calming, pleasant, and charming to read. The author, Gigi Sedlmayer, has a lovely writing style that takes the reader into another world, where the present does not exist, and the story becomes reality. It’s difficult to find many books that do that for me, and “Come Fly with Me” succeeds on a grand scale.

Thank you to author Gigi Sedlmayer for offering a copy of her book and for the opportunity for me to read and review it. I recommend “Come Fly with Me” for readers who enjoy wholesome and thought-inspiring books. You can find her book on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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Author: Susan Marie Molloy

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  2. I relish a story with a message……….

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  3. Thank you so much Susan. Love your great review


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