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Spring Vacation – Back on Board Ship

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It was a full day when we spent the day seeing the Mayan ruins and walking around the Port of Cozumel. Now we’re leaving and heading back, and we’ve no special activities planned.  What’s nice about that is I can catch up on my reading.  I didn’t brings physical books, but rather, my Kindle, so there is a lot from which I can choose.

Let’s see what’s around the ship as we cruise in the Gulf of Mexico towards the mainland:

A tug boat helping to send us off:Farewell, Cozumel!After a pre-dinner drink, it’s time to head to the restaurant:What do you feel like having tonight?I chose the cured salmon and candied tomato appetizer. It was good, and not sweet at all (thank goodness!):The waiters entertained us while we all decided what to order. Cha cha cha!After our delicious dinner and the lively conversation at our large table, we walked around the ship for awhile. We spotted a guitar-playing singer:A lounge with a casino:

Back in our room, we saw another ship passing us by in the gulf:We’re heading back to New Orleans, and we expect to arrive by daylight.

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  1. And the waves rock me gently to sleep……….

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