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Old Movie: “The Intruder” (1962)


As is in most of the country, the weather is on the chilly side here this week. Being from the Midwest, it’s really isn’t that cold for me, but for Florida, it’s a tad on the nippy side. We’re watching our newly-planted palm trees, and confident they’ll make it. As I’m writing this, it’s 33 degrees Fahrenheit (feels like 26) with soft rain with wind gusts.

One good thing about this Arctic blast rumbling its way through Florida, is that it keeps me inside to work on the couple books I’m crafting. They’re coming along.

My beau and I took a break last night to watch an old movie we found on YouTube, by letting it suggest something to us. To say the least, what we found was eye-opening, to say the most, it was one of the most provocative old films I watched so far this year. (It’s January 4th. 😊 )

The Intruder is a 1962 black and white film starring William Shatner, and tells the story of a scallywag (Shatner) who floats into the fictional southern town of Caxton to “do a little social work”. It’s based on a 1959 book by Charles Beaumont; he also stars in the film.My beau got the film rolling, and while I was Internet-researching its background, he let out a “What the hell—?” I started listening more closely, still putting one eyeball on researching this film, and let’s say, the expletives were flying. Think of any racially charged profanities, and it had it all. It showed how horrible people can be. Truthfully, I am surprised that any film past the pre-Code era had such profanity. But then, sometimes you need to get real with reality and hit people straight on. I guess they did that in 1962.

The language and the plot, though unnerving, actually brings the reality of mob mentality, racism, prejudice, ignorance, the Klan, anti-Semitism, et cetera to the forefront.  I found certain parts scary enough and brutal that I felt my heart beating faster.

The Intruder was released for a very short time in New York City, but was pulled and it seems never gained any footing to be released on a wider scale, although at the time it was praised.

I believe this is an important film, because it shows the effects of ignorance and mob mentality, and without giving away the ending, Shatner actually did good for the townspeople by revealing to them their prejudice, ignorance, and backwardness, thus opening their eyes to his prejudices and troublemaking.

And if you are William Shatner fan, you might find that his acting in this film isn’t typical; he isn’t doing the Captain Kirk gig. In this film, he’s creepy, scary, repulsive, and filthy.

He was good in it.

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Author: Susan Marie Molloy

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5 thoughts on “Old Movie: “The Intruder” (1962)

  1. Then there’s Dark Intruder with Leslie Nielsen 1965 for a And Now For Something Completely Different moment — a hoot!!

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  2. Thanks for the review! Stay warm!

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  3. This is a prime example of why political correctness has no place is art. Come to think of it, political correctness should be banished from the face of the earth. Right minded people can see things and decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. The rest belong in an asylum……….

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