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English, Irish, or Scottish for Breakfast?


If you drink coffee, do you ever get a little sick from drinking too much? Up to last August, we had a Keurig at home, so making one cup or two was the norm for the day. I’d have a cuppa when I got ready for work, and I usually took one to the office in my thermos. That added up to two cups per day, which agreed with me.

Then the Keurig was starting to go on the fritz, so we gave it up and replaced it with a twelve cup Mister Coffee Mega-Coffee-Making-Machine. Yessir, more space-saving than the old Keurig, but now we grind our own beans, too.  Ahhh–caffeine!

Twelve cups of high test caffeine every day: six for my beau, six for me. Now that I work at home (remember, I walked away last year from the horrible “career” I had), we drink coffee non-stop until that pot is empty, sometimes making another twelve-cup pot to nurse the rest of the day.

Then, over this past week, my beau told me he feels a little “heartburny” after drinking the java. I remarked that, come to think of it, I have a hard time falling asleep.

Maybe it’s the coffee. Or more like too much joe.

Yesterday and this morning, we skipped the coffee and had a cup of hot tea with breakfast. My beau chose oolong, and I went for the Irish Breakfast. So far, so good, we’re both feelin’ groovy and although coffee may still be in our future, but not to take center stage, tea is really where it’s at. I’ve always liked tea with a touch of honey.I found a fascinating blog this past weekend about several types of teas. I’ve had English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast, and there is – whoa, Baby!— Scottish Breakfast tea. I never heard of it, and neither did my beau – and he’s the European traveller of sorts. It sounds intriguing.  I must find it.

Following is the link to the blog,” What The Heck Is the Difference?” from Tea and Tales that speaks about those three breakfast teas. I hope you enjoy it.

via What The Heck Is The Difference?


Author: Susan Marie Molloy

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  1. It’s an amazing difference alright…………

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