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Superstition, or Smart Living?


About two or three weeks before the new year begins, I start going through the closets and drawers, looking for junk and unneeded items to throw out or donate. It is cleansing and an accomplishment. It could be part superstition, just like eating pickled herring on New Year’s Day will bring good luck all year long.

Sometime in the long ago past, my thoughts were that, if the house is clean and junk-free on January 1, that would hold true all year, and with minimal upkeep. Hence, if things start to accumulate or become misplaced, they’ll stand out, and that is the impetus to put them in their place. This system works to make a home comfortable and inviting.

Is this superstition? I used to think so, but I changed my mind. It’s being organized and practical in my world.  January 1 is a nice little benchmark to make sure that extra cleaning and organizing are done. Any date on the calendar will do, but January 1 is my date.

Throughout the year, there are tasks I do according to quarter. For example, all toothbrushes are changed out every January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, and on those dates, I trim by beau’s hair, flip the mattress, clean the refrigerator, et cetera.

There are monthly tasks and weekly tasks that follow a routine, too, and woe be the task I didn’t take care of; the balance of my life then feels off kilter, until it gets done.

And so it goes.

Is this superstitious tomfoolery? I would maintain that no, it’s not. As long as everything is in its place starting January 1, they’ll all be in their place throughout the year.

It’s living smart, and in the long run, stress-free.

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Author: Susan Marie Molloy

I am an observer, a writer, and a poet. My latest poetry books, "Engaged," "Indigo Fantasy," "Life in the Oasis," "Gallery Night," "God of the Sea," "Solitary Walks," and "Grapes Suzette" and my short stories, "The Green Gloves" and "The Crowd of Turin" are now available on Amazon. Check them out. Buy them. Read them. Send me your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Oh boy, I’m in, let the magic begin……….

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