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Date Night: Country Clubbing and a Couple of (Really) Odd Movies


The past couple of days were frenetic, with preparing the Christmas Eve Party menu, cleaning the house, filling orders from our bead shop, and a big landscaping job that ended our week on a delightful note. Then there was the catering to His Lordship and Her Ladyship (our dogs) to satisfy their whims, and the usual mundane things that we all do.

Feeling kind of celebratory since the landscape project went extremely well (more on that in a later blog), we decided to get dressed up and hit the local country club for supper last night. We went out a little later than we usually do when we eat out. Since the temperature was still in the mid-60*F range, we opted for outdoor seating. I brought my shawl along, just in case it got too cool on the veranda.

Imagine our delight that our going out late, closer to sunset, was kismet:
The flare of the sunset smeared the sky with reds, oranges, and pinks. The golf course was serene except for someone looking for golf balls with a flashlight. The lake reflected the sky just right, too. And the air temperature stayed warm enough during our meal, so I didn’t have to wear my shawl.

After eating our entrées, and sharing an apple pan dowdy with French vanilla ice cream for dessert, my beau and I headed back home via a detour to see some neighborhood Christmas lights. Even crawling along at 5 miles per hour didn’t help my picture-taking; they all turned out blurry.

After we had enough of this voyeurism, and realizing we had a string of cars creeping down the streets behind us (whoops!), we found our road and arrived home.

Too tired to read, we decided instead to find an old movie on YouTube. We came across the 1944 film “And the Angels Sing” with Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour, Eddie Foy, Jr., Betty Hutton, et al. It was cute, in its way, to watch MacMurray play the saxophone and sing (!), and it was good to see Lamour in something other than a Road picture, but Hutton was annoying—a show boat screaming a la “Annie Get Your Gun” it was, with her.  I just stared at her musical numbers, thinking “What is wrong with her?” She didn’t fit well in the movie.

We had time to catch a short, whacky 1955 sci-fi flick, “This Island Earth” with a young Russell Johnson (The Professor on “Gilligan’s Island”) and the incomparable Rex Reason (mostly known in the television series “The Roaring ‘20s”.) Though I’m not much for science fiction, it was a scream to stare at the make-up of the aliens that made them look like Beavis and Butthead prototypes with Gorgeous George’s platinum blonde hairdo. Take a look at the pictures below. Am I right?
And so ended our week, our day, our evening. I hope your week was good, and not too whacky.

©Susan Marie Molloy and all works within.


Author: Susan Marie Molloy

I am an observer, a writer, and a poet. My latest poetry books, "Engaged," "Indigo Fantasy," "Life in the Oasis," "Gallery Night," "God of the Sea," "Solitary Walks," and "Grapes Suzette" and my short stories, "The Green Gloves" and "The Crowd of Turin" are now available on Amazon. Check them out. Buy them. Read them. Send me your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

6 thoughts on “Date Night: Country Clubbing and a Couple of (Really) Odd Movies

  1. What a night. Love the spirits of joy and fun. All the best. Thanks for great blogs in 2017!

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    • Merry Christmas, GP! I really enjoyed your blogs this year (as in years past). I’m glad you keep alive the sacrifices and accomplishments our dads and uncles, moms and aunts, et cetera displayed during The War and after. Thank for stopping by 🙂

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  2. It has been magical lately……….

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