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Life in the Oasis

The Light of Day


The other day, I was going through a box of knickknacks. As I was unpacking a pink ceramic “lady bug house,” I took apart the newspaper that surrounded it.

It was just one slightly brittle page of the comics section.

Based on the date, the ladybug house was packed away for thirteen years. I almost forgot I had it.

It’s a shame I had it tucked away for so long.

Now it sees the light of day. There are a lot of years to catch up on, to enjoy my little pink knickknack.

Part of this year of change for me includes going through anything and everything I have stored away.  Up to this point, a lot of boxes have been gone through, and a lot of unneeded things donated.  How much “stuff” does a person really need?

Only what’s necessary to survive and those few possessions that are either sentimental or brings in a burst of joy.

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Author: Susan Marie Molloy

I am an observer, a writer, and a poet. My latest poetry books, "Engaged," "Indigo Fantasy," "Life in the Oasis," "Gallery Night," "God of the Sea," "Solitary Walks," and "Grapes Suzette" and my short stories, "The Green Gloves" and "The Crowd of Turin" are now available on Amazon. Check them out. Buy them. Read them. Send me your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “The Light of Day

  1. We use to do this for the toys for the kids. We would give them a toy and after awhile they got bored with it. We would put it in the closet and then after a few short months take it out, rewrap it and give it as a new gift. Doing this saves money and a toy is a toy.


  2. It is such a lovely little house. I am so glad it finally came out of hiding.

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