Susan Marie Molloy

Life in the Oasis

Driving Mister Short


Out driving in the world the other day, I pulled up behind an apparent driverless 1980s Toyota Corolla. It drifted a little bit in the lane, from right to left and right again. As it wandered in the lane and continued its erratic speed, I could not see a driver behind the wheel; and there was my first sighting of those driverless cars we read in the news.

I changed lanes to pass, and as I pulled alongside the ancient car, I glanced over to my right. There was a driver behind the wheel – so short in the seat that his head was just below the top of the steering wheel!

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Author: Susan Marie Molloy

I am an observer, a writer, and a poet. My latest poetry books, "Engaged," "Indigo Fantasy," "Life in the Oasis," "Gallery Night," "God of the Sea," "Solitary Walks," and "Grapes Suzette" and my short stories, "The Green Gloves" and "The Crowd of Turin" are now available on Amazon. Check them out. Buy them. Read them. Send me your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “Driving Mister Short

  1. 😂😂 I bet you laughed when you realised!

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