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Warm Blankets


I was pulling the towels out of the dryer this past weekend. They were clean, fluffy and warm, and I momentarily held them against me. I remembered that when I was a kid, in the winter Ma would hang clothes on temporary clotheslines in the basement. When dry, the towels were slightly stiff, which was so different from when they hung outside in the spring and summer and the breeze kicked them around and softened them up. Some time when I was around ten years old, my parents got a dryer. It was a godsend with all the babies’ clothes and diapers to be washed, and it all could be dried any time, in any season. On particularly cold winter nights, Ma would throw our blankets in the dryer for a few minutes to warm them up right before we went to bed. Their warm snugginess made us falling asleep so much nicer, and made me fall sleep quicker in the chill of the night.

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5 thoughts on “Warm Blankets

  1. I really like doing laundry in the cold months because of exactly what you mentioned! Warm clothes! Warmth on hands as I fold and if warm socks are needed, they feel like a foot massage. 🙂

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  2. Aren’t such memories so precious? I love this post, Susan.

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