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BOOK REVIEW: “Grounded” by Kate Forest


I am honored to be sought out to read and review Kate Forest’s book, “Grounded,” and I was excited to start reading.

This is a story of two people, Jeremy and Julia, who meet by chance, and by fate, spend hours together stranded at O’Hare International Airport during a winter storm. They get to know each other, share their dreams and ambitions, and find themselves in a situation they couldn’t have imagined just 24 hours before their meeting.

This story kept my interest, and the writing was clear and nicely descriptive. Kate Forest obviously did her research when it came to those familiar landmarks I’ve grown to love or dislike in real life: O’Hare International Airport, O’Hare’s colorful neon-lit concourse and slow moving people mover, airport personnel, the Shedd Aquarium, Midwest winter storms, Tampa, family dynamics, and the fresh excitement of new love. Not being a biologist, I will take the author’s descriptions of environmentalism and biology at face value.

What I liked most about “Grounded” were the chapters that alternated between Julia and Jeremy. Each was speaking from his or her point of view, and I found that interesting. I read it during my lunch hour, and that made for a relaxing time.

I recommend “Grounded” by Kate Forest for its every-moving plot, ease of reading, and ending.

It’s available on Amazon –> CLICK HERE.

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  1. Thanks so much. I appreciate your kind words. I can do a giveaway to a name picked at random from anyone who leaves a comment. I’ll give away an e-book of my first book Interior Designs and Other Emotions.


  2. I enjoyed reading the review. Grounded sounds like a wonderful book.

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