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Eggs: Not Always What They Seem


I bought a couple dozen eggs from the grocery store. Although I prefer fresh from the hen when I can get them, in a pinch old, non-fresh store-bought eggs are the alternative. The brown ones were on sale, so they made it to my grocery cart, naturally.

This past weekend I boiled a few to use in a potato salad . After they were done, and I ran them under cold water to peel, pieces (?), goo (?), paint (?) came off the shells as I rubbed them gently.

Here’s a picture of the boiled eggs (almost white) and the uncooked store-bought eggs from the same carton. They’re pretty uniformly brown, don’t you think?


So – this must mean that these eggs weren’t naturally brown, but “painted” so each one was uniform and brown in color. I’d say that advertising these as brown eggs is a sham, and I feel gypped.

Things aren’t always what it seems.

November 21, 2016
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3 thoughts on “Eggs: Not Always What They Seem

  1. That’s really strange. I think that I agree with you that the shell may have been dyed. How sad!

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  2. I’ve never seen nor heard of such a thing, Susan. It’s maddening.

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