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Stephen Lewandowski is a talented writer, an outstanding poet, an environmentalist, and a lover of all nature. Each of his poems touches the soul, heart, and mind.  I have, and read, his most recent collection of poems and essays, “Under Foot.”  Gentle and provocative is how I describe it.  It is a book of life and of death, of nature and of the universe; of introspection and reflection.

I have a snippet of a poem his dad gave to my mom years ago, and that was only a tiny window into Stephen’s vast talent.

I greatly enjoy the way he describes the world and people – with perfect clarity and wisdom, and a gentleness that helps the vexations of the world disappear. My favorite poem is “My Name.” Here, he describes his feelings of how people cringe and mangle his name, but for only if they would look at his name and sound it out, it would be so simple. It is no different, he articulates, than sounding out the towns from the Buffalo, New York area where he grew up: Canandaigua, Tonawanda, et cetera. I felt the message he sends, and I can relate perfectly to that message. I come from the same family, where once people see our “ski” or other Polish suffixes on the end of the surnames, they don’t try to pronounce it and become tongue-tied. The message here is to try and see how easy it really is. I highly recommend “Under Foot” for its beauty in words and how it’s rooted in Nature.

His book is available on Amazon:  “Under Foot” by Stephen Lewandowski.

“Under Foot: Poems & Essays”
By Stephen Lewandowski
Year Published: 2014
Pages: 75
Publisher: Mayapple Press

November 19, 2016
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