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Avoiding the Jams


One of the changes I resolve to keep is to not do my grocery shopping on weekends. I need to be practical about this. When it comes to shopping, I’m all business – I’m in, I’m out. No monkey business, no lollygagging.

I got into the rut of rushing out on Saturday mornings to shop. Why was I going through the getting-bogged-down-in-horrific-shopping-cart-traffic-jams that always seem to pile up in a gnarly mess at the free food sample stands? These are the free food sample stands strategically – or senselessly – placed at the ends of aisles, where the jams congregate and congeal.

Gripping the cart’s handle until my knuckles were white and finding any way to the next aisle, I convinced myself that some shoppers have their complete lunch at these sample give-aways.

So, my resolved change is to do my grocery shopping in the evenings during any given weekday, as long as it isn’t close to a huge holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or Independence Day.

Week night shopping is in place. Not only do I avoid the crowds at the trough, but I also found that the grocery store reduces the prices of a lot of items, particularly meats, on Mondays. That’ll bring a change to my food budget that I can accept.

November 7, 2016.
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  1. AH – a shopper after my own heart!!

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  2. What a coincidence! I’e just returned from the grocery, having gone for the reasons you’ve just stated. 🙂

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