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Citrus, Crochet, and the Cubs


The Celebrated Satsuma

The Celebrated Satsuma

Today I got a satsuma from someone I know .  It was freshly-picked this morning and still has its stem and leaves on.  I like the taste of satsumas – kind of orange-like, but not.  This is a real treat.  Sometime I’d like to get enough of them to make marmalade.

As part of my downsizing project in this Year of Change, I’m in the middle of going through all the doilies I crocheted years ago.  So many years ago, they are now considered vintage.  I decided to keep all those my aunt crocheted, plus only a few of ones I made.  If the majority of them are sitting in a box, why store them when others can enjoy them?

The Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series after all these years.  The final game sure was a nail-biter, and there even was a rain delay to add to the drama.   Hey! Hey!  Holy Mackerel!  No doubt about it!  It’s about time for that win, in this Year of Change.

We all could use a winning year, don’t you think?

November 2, 2016

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  1. If the Cubs’ winning the World Series doesn’t underscore this being the Year of Change, I don’t know what does. 🙂

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