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Wishes and Good Thoughts


I am taking an hiatus for the remainder of the summer, yet will, however, continue to check in to read my favorite blogs.  Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Quote found on Google from Marion McCristall.

Quote found on Google from Marion McCristall.


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I am an observer, a writer, and a poet. My latest poetry books, "Engaged," "Indigo Fantasy," "Life in the Oasis," "Gallery Night," "God of the Sea," "Solitary Walks," and "Grapes Suzette" and my short stories, "The Green Gloves" and "The Crowd of Turin" are now available on Amazon. Check them out. Buy them. Read them. Send me your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Wishes and Good Thoughts

  1. Have a wonderful summer!

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  2. Enjoy your blogcation! I hope that you have a wonderful summer, and look forward to when you return.

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