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Date Night: At the Circus

Camels. Horses. Dogs. Elephants. Trampoliners. The Strong Man. Contortionists. Tumblers. The Knife-Thrower. Beautiful girls. Clown-mime. The Ringmaster.

As true to our spontaneous approach to life, my beau and I decided around 4:00 p.m. to go to the circus in town. We had just enough time to get ready, grab a bite to eat, and arrive at the venue with just minutes to spare.

It was easy buying tickets at the door, and they were less expensive than I thought they would be. We walked the long corridor filled with the warm smell of caramel corn sweetness floating through the air, tables overflowing with cheesy circus souvenirs, and a booth where one could have clown makeup artfully applied to one’s face.

We easily found our seats, and within a few minutes, the show began.

It was the expected:

Dogs running in and out through horses’ legs; elephants rearing on hind legs and turning on platforms; trapeze artists defying balance and gravity; strong men deftly tossing logs and women; the pirate-costumed knife thrower’s weapons barely missing his wench-dressed assistants.

It was the unexpected:

Camels jogging with horses and letting dogs run between their legs; tumblers tumbling hither and yon; the clown-mime juggling, tumbling, and bouncing on the trampoline and riding the elephant; a gymnast artfully and effortlessly working his way on the rings; jugglers performing unfamiliar routines; the lights and modern music becoming an integral part of the show.

It was the missing:

No tiger or lion tamers, no ladies riding horses bareback, no clown car.

Yet, it was sparkly, flashy, wildly colorful, and happy.

This was a one-ring circus, yet there was so much happening in those two hours that one just didn’t notice that until the show ended. And then when it ended, we still wanted more.

It is simple and spontaneous that we both enjoy. And what could be more simple and spontaneous than to decide at the last-minute to go to the circus?

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Author: Susan Marie Molloy

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