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BOOK REVIEW: “Love Aflame”


Thrice again, Pamela Beckford captures love in all its intricate forms in this, her third solo poetry publication, “Love Aflame.”

“Love Aflame” takes the reader to every level, every form, every interpretation, and every emotion that could possible exist between lovers. As in her two previous poetry books, “Dreams of Love” and “Love: Lost & Found,” the poems are arranged such that if savored and read in order, the reader comes away with a love story. Conversely, each poem can stand alone as individual works that need no others to bookend it.

Her titles are well-thought out, skillfully descriptive, and temptingly provocative: “Igniting Flames,” “Edge of Ecstasy,” “Intoxicating Scent,” “On the Shelf”, “Do You Ever?”, and “Vulnerable,”. Each is touching and formidable, alluring and tempting invitations for readers to savor the verse.

And, what verse! Pamela expertly captures impassioned emotions with an ease that makes the reader comfortable and eager to turn the page to delight in more.

I highly recommend Pamela Beckford’s “Love Aflame” for anyone who was loved, loves, wants to be loved, or just loves love and being in love. “Love Aflame” would make a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, too. Why not pick up your copy and read it with your love over a sensual candlelight dinner?

I also recommend picking up her other love poetry books, “Dreams of Love” and “Love: Lost & Found.” All can be found on Amazon.

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