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BOOK REVIEW: Twilight’s Indian Princess

Today I am recommending another book that I read this year and that I believe you will like, too.  These books that I have been re-sharing with my readers here on my blog will make absolutely thoughtful gifts, and I invite you to follow my links below to read my reviews in their entirety.

Today I am showcasing “Twilight’s Indian Princess” by Margaret Jean Langstaff.

Margaret Jean Langstaff brings life all together in “Twilight’s Indian Princes” through her protagonist, Sarah Sloan McCorkle, and frames the scenes into delightful, and at times, hilarious vignettes. This is a novelette short enough (40 pages) to read on the train to the office or during the lunch hour.

Follow this link to read my full review of “Twilight’s Indian Princess.”

You can find “Twilight’s Indian Princess” by Margaret Jean Langstaff on Amazon.

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