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BOOK REVIEW: Love Lost and Found


Summer days are still with us, and they can be hot and heavy. Some romances are like that, too. If you want to add superb and tasteful piquancy to your library, Pamela Beckford’s “Love: Lost and Found” is for you. This is seventh in my series of book reviews; I hope that my recommendations inspire you to read these books as the spirit moves.


“Velvet Kisses.”

Of the nearly one hundred poems in “Love: Lost and Found,” these two words are mated perfectly in just half of one line in the double acrostic poem, “Love or Lust.” They stand out as one of the most weighty and passionate-driven images any poet or writer can share.

“Velvet Kisses.”

We feel the softness of lips touching lips, we experience lips caressing skin, we are aware of lips sweeping across bodies with compulsive gentleness and full richness. These are luxurious kisses described with just two effortless words, and they stand out for me as intense demonstrations to exhibiting love.

Pamela Beckford is a remarkably talented writer. After reading “Voices of Nature” (a co-authorship between her and Kirsten A.), and “Dreams of Love” her solo authorship, I was undeniably expecting more delightful poems in “Love: Lost and Found.”

And Pamela did not disappoint.

She has an exceptional style in which she conveys varying emotions and sentiments between two people in a complex relationship, and more particularly in this collection, the thoughts, dreams, desires, and understanding the speaker conveys throughout each poem.

One of the more striking poems is “He.” Here we see the juxtaposition of this relationship at a point in time:

“He is my everything
I am his plaything.

“He is my world
I am his toy.

“He is my number one priority
I am his second choice.

He is my day and night, sun and moon
I am his amusement.”

In just four unfussy stanzas, we see her realizations: a two-sided relationship, serving definite opposite purposes for both parties, both tangible and intangible. We understand her perspective of an ethereal significance to this relationship – He is important to her, something beyond the here and now, otherworldly, infinite emotional love. Conversely, we recognize his attitude – She is less important, a toy, a secondary thought – when there is a thought to be had.

Pamela intelligently captures love and relationships; there is a mature allure in each line, in each scene, in each description of togetherness and estrangement. The reader is allowed to use his or her own imagination of what is transpiring at any given moment.

The author makes this collection of poems enjoyable to read by the fact she employs varying styles of poetry: acrostic, ehteree, tanka, senru, for example. In fact, “Tantalizing,” an etheree, is fun to read aloud with the alliteration of the “t” that begins each line. Moreover, it is an edification to learn what other styles of poetry exist. This collection is diverse, indeed.

I highly recommend “Love: Lost and Found” by Pamela Beckford. I encourage readers to savor every poem, and find the love lost and the love found.

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