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BOOK REVIEW: Voices of Nature


With the arrival of summer and its sweltering days and warm nights, books are a fabulous way to relax, get away, and imagine. I seem to read more books during the summer than any other time of the year. Today, I’m kicking off a series of my book reviews. I hope that my recommendations inspire you to read these books. ~Susan Marie Molloy

“Voices of Nature,” written by Pamela B. and Kirsten A., is a beautifully penned assemblage of poetry celebrating Nature’s varying seasonal beauty.

The book is cleverly categorized into logical chapters: Seasons (generically), Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and ‘Nature’s Best.’

The first chapter, “The Seasons” is a delightful hors d’oeuvre that tempts the reader with the “lush meadow of green,” “golden red splashes,” “frosty grip of winter,” and “the prelude of sunny days” in Pamela’s “Four Seasons.” Kirsten places the pièce de résistance in “Seasons Pirouette” where she describes seasons “they courtesy, they bow . . . Nature’s annual ballet.”

Each season is felt and described differently by both poets, and rightly so. For example, whereas Kirsten welcomes “sweet fall” in “Dear Fall,” Pamela longs for “beaches and sunshine” during the fall months in “How Many Days?” This “bouncing off one another” helps the reader to feel their individuality and interesting views, while arriving at one’s own experiences with the seasons.

Kirsten wrote how Nature continually moves and changes in “Creation Grooves,” where the “trees snap their fingers” and “. . . nature plays her drum beats.” This is a grand symbi poem that perfectly showcases the music-like rhythm of each facet of our natural world. I could feel the beat as I read each line and conceptually created an orchestra of Nature in my mind. This poem has a definite musical beat.

Indeed, I could go on specifically about “Voices of Nature,” yet to do so would take away the joy for readers to make their discoveries here.

The sea and seasons, butterflies and birds, wind and sunsets, flowers and stars – Pamela and Kirsten give us their view of Nature in myriad forms, thus helping the reader to see our world in a focused, yet enriched, infinite manner through other eyes.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the final chapter is devoted to providing definitions of the types of poetry they wrote. I found this very helpful in better understanding some of the types of which I unfamiliar. As a poet myself, it gives me impetus to expand my writings.

I highly recommend “Voices of Nature” by Pamela B. and Kirsten A. With just under fifty poems and each succinctly written, one can read them in snippets or whole chapters in one long, luxurious sitting, or sittings.

I chose to read “Voices of Nature” through my Kindle. It’s also available in paperback through Amazon. No matter which form you decide to purchase, you will be pleased and delighted with every page.

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